Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategy, Planning, and Execution

Are you responding to the growing demands of employees and other stakeholders who want you to address social issues in the workplace and community?

Is your corporate social responsibility program more of an afterthought than a key element of your business strategy?

Something Good can work collaboratively with your existing team to build an authentic plan, using the 4-step GOOD approach, that engages leaders and employees. Something Good Consulting Group offers flexibility when supporting companies who want to grow their impact and their business. We work with you to:

Leverage existing strengths and resources

Align efforts to corporate values, mission and business goals

Engage stakeholders and build a shared narrative across the organization

Share stories that will grow the company’s brand with belief-driven stakeholders

How can we help?

We know our clients are at different stages in their corporate social responsibility journey so we offer different approaches and allow them to select the approach that best meets their needs.

Fractional Support

Fractional Support is well-suited for companies who want seasoned C-level experience and mindset to sit at the table to collaboratively develop an authentic, inclusive corporate social responsibility strategy. The result will be a comprehensive plan that increases your impact in the community while also building a values-driven culture and brand. 


Consulting Engagements are well-suited for companies who have a defined scope of work in mind and are seeking outside expertise or additional support in various aspects of their current strategy or programming.

Volunteer & Employee Engagement Programs

Are you attracting and retaining employees who are committed to your purpose? Employees desire a sense of belonging and purpose within companies, and investing in volunteer/employee engagement programs provides employees with opportunities to build stronger connections with each other and their communities through their shared values. 


We work with companies to understand their business priorities and identify volunteer opportunities that offer shared value with nonprofit partners.

You may have executives or employees who are interested in serving on a nonprofit board. Unfortunately, you don’t have the resources to research and find vetted nonprofits. Also, you may not have the time or resources to fully train and prepare your employees on the fundamental responsibilities of serving on a nonprofit board.


That’s where Something Good and BoardBuild can help. We can develop the entire strategy, assist in execution and track key metrics that showcase the impact your organization is making internally and externally.
How does the process work? We walk your employees through four steps:


1. Get Certified2. Add Resume
In just a few hours, and at your employee’s own pace, BoardBuild’s online training will ensure your employees are ready to lead from day one.Your employee will complete their resume with their skills and experiences relevant to the board positions that interest them.


3. Match with Nonprofits4. Apply to Positions
We expertly match your employee with nonprofits seeking a qualified leader to serve on their board of directors.Your employee will receive a custom list of nonprofit matches and can easily apply for the board leadership role they align with most.

You may be considering how you can decrease employee turnover and increase your employee engagement while building your brand awareness and making an impact within your communities. 


Something Good and Revere can help! With their white-labeling capabilities, Revere Software can create branded online platforms that connect nonprofits with talented individuals within your companies, and if additional support is needed, Something Good can help you develop a robust skills-based volunteerism program including outreach and communications support. 


How does the process work? Contact us to learn how.