Corporate Social Responsibility
for Small Business

We’re here to provide you with some practical steps on how you, as a small business, can play an important role and make a meaningful impact. 


If you keep up with the headlines or social media, you know that more and more companies are considering their role in social issues. And, we understand that it’s easy to believe that only very large organizations can really make a difference. We’re here to dispel that misconception and provide you with some practical steps on how you, as a small business, can also play an important role. With nearly 50% of Americans working for small businesses, it’s imperative that small businesses are equipped with the knowledge and tools to make a meaningful impact. 


More and more employees express a desire to work for businesses that support the community. Moreover, an authentic corporate social responsibility strategy demonstrates to your customers that the welfare of your community is not just an afterthought but “an important part of your business’ value proposition”, according to Robert Cresanti, President & CEO of the International Franchise Association, in his October 2019 Harvard Business Review article. 

You Will Learn

Corporate Social Responsibility will be defined.

We will walk you through a brief history of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We will take you through our four-step approach that we refer to as “The GOOD Approach”.

You will learn how to create a plan for your small business to be more socially responsible and grow your business with value-driven stakeholders.

We will share Success Stories of small business owners like you that are making an impact in their community.